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We'll Keep you Active and Healthy

Want to build strength, get fit, meet new friends or just enjoy the endorphins that come with exercise? From Tai Chi to Meditation or essential Strength & Balance classes, we cater to all levels of physical capabilities so you, or your loved ones, can continue to live an active and healthy life. 

Healthy, stronger and fitter together

We offer a range of different classes to help you keep independent and healthy. Have a confidential chat with our staff to discuss your goals so we can assist you in finding a class that will best fit you.


For a more individual approach, we also offer small group gym sessions and personal training.

Each class is followed by a cuppa and a chat with your group and instructor.


Keen to get started? Come along for a FREE trial to see what you think.

Door-to-door transport is available upon request.


Phone 03 9836 9681 or email us to book a class, or to chat about getting started.

Find the right exercise class for you...

Gentle Intensity Classes

Seated Strength

Gentle chair-based exercise for beginners using light hand weights and resistance bands. Find out more.


Learn to meditate and incorporate mindfulness techniques into you daily routine. Find out more.

Moderate Intensity Classes

Strength & Balance

Seated and standing exercises using hand weights and resistance bands. Find out more.

Seated Exercise to Music

An extension of our popular Strength and Balance classes, Seated Strength Exercise, or ‘Chairobics’, allows you to work out from the comfort of your seat and/or use the seat for balance. Find out more.

Challenge your Balance

Standing and seated exercises to reduce risk of falls by improving balance and strength. Find out more.

Strength Exercise

Seated and standing exercises using hand weights, resistance bands and more. Stay fit and agile, work at a faster pace and stay stronger for longer.    Find out more.

Tai Chi

A class for all abilities, to improve body control and co-ordination with a focus on flow and agility.    Find out more.

Table Tennis

Improve your hand-eye coordination and your fitness with table tennis. Find out more.

Line Dancing

Learn the steps and sequences of line dancing and have a whole lot of fun in the process! Please note, this class is fortnightly on Wednesdays. Find out more.

Active Intensity Classes

Exercise to Music

30 mins easy to follow aerobic moves to music; 30 mins of strength training. Find out more.

Men's Exercise

Workout to stay strong, improve your endurance, balance and flexibility.    Find out more.

Movement to Music

An active workout with music incorporating light aerobics to improve agility, endurance, balance, flexibility and coordination.   Find out more.


Small Group Gym Sessions

Gym Circuit 

with Raymond

Book a small group session (up to four people) in our well-equipped studio and work with a dedicated trainer.  Click for more information.

“My patients have been thrilled at their involvement in this program. Some have made new friends and most feel more confident with their mobility.”
Dr Mohr – local GP


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