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Bus Outings

Meet friends and get out and about to explore the city’s culture or go further afield to the great outdoors with two of our adventurous groups: the Evergreen Ramblers, departing every Tuesday and the Evergreen Explorers, departing fortnightly on Thursday.


We have a wide choice of outings that offer something different every week, from picturesque countryside jaunts to seaside trips, exhibitions or movies. At each outing, we stop off for a comfortable and affordable lunch, with a variety of menu choices. 


Participants of our bus outings must have good mobility and be able to get in and out of a 10-seater bus, order their own meals and stay within the group. Outings involve minimal stairs.

Bus transport $25

(Pick up and drop off at home)


Note: Lunch cost not included

* These programmes are funded by the Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP). BEC charges fees in line with CHSP guidelines.  Social Support programmes have a dual purpose to provide social support for people and to provide flexible respite options for their carers.  Programmes are designed to support a person’s strengths and promote independence.

Read more about CHSP.

For more details about each outing, check out our latest newsletter.

Evergreen Ramblers:

Tuesdays 10am 

Evergreen Explorers:

Thursdays (fortnightly) 10am 

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