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Why choose Balwyn Evergreen?

Why not?! We're a welcoming community that offers group social support to seniors in and around Boroondara. 

Convienient Location

Our established location is close to public transport and Whitehorse Road

Wellbeing & Independance

We reduce isolation, and nurture an active, healthy and social lifestyle

Centre Based Facilities

We provide a place to engage with others, get involved, try new things and stay active


Our staff are experienced, knowledgeable and welcoming


Our transport fleet keep our community connected to services, places and people

Co-Designed Approach

We partner with our community to create programs they need and want most

Extensive Programs

We have a wide choice of dynamic exercise and social programs

Passionate Volunteers 

Our volunteers are dedicated to supporting our community

Welcome Respite Care

We support carers by offering community-based, professional day care

Quality and Compliance

Compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements is an ongoing obligation of Balwyn Evergreen Centre. We comply with the rigorous government-mandated Aged Care Quality Standards. Compliance with these standards has been mandatory since the July 1, 2019. 


Balwyn Evergreen Centre has regular Quality Audits, most recently on March 10, 2020. All requirements of Quality Standards were met. We will continue to offer the high-quality care that our members have come to know and expect. 

We welcome your feedback

More Feedback Equals More Choice. We highly value customer feedback and we work to actively integrate feedback into the design of our programs and activities. We empower our members and their families to give feedback – and we continue to shape our services based on what you need and want. 


Balwyn Evergreen Centre are audited on a yearly basis and we strive to comply with Industry Standards. We do this by listening to our members and continually adapting and improving the quality of our services and providing choice for our community.  


Have your say and shape our future by giving feedback online today or submit your feedback in our survey box at Balwyn Evergreen Centre.

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