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Seated Strength (Trainer Tips with Ed Wakeham)

Seated Strength Exercise trainer at Balwyn Evergreen, Ed Wakeham
Seated Strength Exercise trainer at Balwyn Evergreen, Ed Wakeham

With the weather warming up, there's no better time to get outside and enjoy it. We asked trainer Ed Wakeham what his tips are for making the most of Spring in Melbourne...

“Find an activity you enjoy such as walking, gardening or participating in an exercise class such as a chair-based fitness class or hydrotherapy at the pool,” Ed says, adding we should be aiming to do at least 30 minutes of light exercise each day.

But it’s also important to try to fit in 60 minutes a week of harder exercise to improve strength and cardio health.

Ed has been with BEC for almost a year and specialises in personal training for older adults to improve mobility and strength. As well as seeing the progress that can be made with regular exercise, Ed enjoys getting to know the BEC community.

“It’s inspirational to chat to our members about their life journey and goals for exercise – it’s fantastic when customers are able to improve their fitness and challenge themselves to take their training further.”

Ed says he’s a fan of compound muscle movements, such as squats and push ups, that work multiple muscles at the same time to improve bone mineral density and joint strength. When he’s off the clock, Ed enjoys making art and catching up with friends.

Join Ed's Seated Strength classes on Wednesday at 10.15am or Friday at 11am. Call or email for more information or come along for a free trial.

Contact us on 9836 9681 or email to learn more.


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