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Must-see guest speakers and info sessions at Balwyn Evergreen

Graphic - save the date, guest speaker and info sessions at Balwyn Evergreen

We’re bringing the information to you in our new ‘Ask BEC’ sessions, starting this month. These are open to everyone, so please bring a friend if you think they’d be interested.

Each session will cover a different topic such as financial planning, cyber security and mental health, with the aim to provide you with an informative and interactive experience.

Next, we’ll look at ‘Navigating My Aged Care’ on June 8 from 11am-12pm. We’ll pull back the curtain on this vital government website and show you all the benefits it has to offer you.

We’re also excited to bring you a selection of special interest guest speakers throughout the year.

Balwyn Historical Society President Matthew Etty-Leal will present a series of history talks, while Sandra Tilley will discuss her experiences of working as a nurse in the Bahamas.

These sessions are open to the whole community and are FREE to attend.


Navigating My Aged Care

  • Thursday, June 8 at 11am - Essential information for anyone over 65

History Talks with Matthew Etty-Leal

  • Thursday, June 29 at 11.30am (Life in Tibet part 1)

  • Thursday, July 27 at 11.30am (Life in Tibet part 2)

Nursing in the Bahamas with Sandra Tilley

  • Thursday, July 13 at 11.30am

Bookings essential - contact us to save your seat.

Previous sessions

Spot the Scam with Maggie Stamoulis, Bendigo Bank Senior Manager

  • Thursday, May 18 at 11.30am

History Talks with Matthew Etty-Leal - The History of Surrey Hills

  • Thursday, June 1 at 11.30am

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