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Trainer Tips with Simone Arndt, Exercise Program Delivery Officer

Simone Arndt, head trainer at Balwyn Evergreen Centre
Simone Arndt, head trainer at Balwyn Evergreen Centre

It's officially spring and that means the hibernation is over. We asked trainer Simone Arndt what her tips are to getting active and staying healthy as the weather warms up...

"I recommend going out for a walk at least every day and also incorporating in some light gardening if possible," Simone says, adding that she's a big fan of the outdoors, enjoying hiking and mountain bike riding to stay fit.

To make walking more interesting, Simone says to join a walking group or create your own with friends.

"Walking together at a set time is an incentive and more fun."

Simone leads our strength and balance, chairobics and movement to music classes. You can also book in for small group fitness and one-on-one sessions with her. She enjoys the friendly and welcoming community at Evergreen as well as seeing the progress her clients make with their overall fitness and wellbeing.

"My favourite component of the exercise classes ae the balance challenges. It's amazing to see all the improvements in balance and confidence."

Keeping her clients flexible, strong, active and engaged is both a priority and passion she says.

You can join Simone's classes on Mondays, Tuesdays or Thursdays, or book in for a gym session or 1:1 personal training.

Call or email for more information or come along for a free trial of one of the classes.

Contact us on 9836 9681 or email to learn more.


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