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Talking all things ACVVS with volunteer, Sora Lim

Linda and Sora Lim giving a thumbs up to volunteering with Balwyn Evergreen and the ACVVS.
Linda and Sora Lim giving a thumbs up to volunteering with Balwyn Evergreen and the ACVVS.

Meet Sora Lim, one of our valued volunteer visitors for the Aged Care Volunteer Visitor Scheme (ACVVS). Sora is pictured with his mum, Linda, who also volunteers with us in the kitchen. We asked Sora a few questions about the benefits of being a volunteer visitor.

What drew you to volunteering?

I started volunteering about five years ago in my home country (Malaysia), offering help to people in need. I would counsel people at church, and help people with depression and negative thoughts. I'd offer advice and help them overcome difficulties in their lives. 

What do you do with ACVVS recipients Peimao, Anthony and Rongpei?

I visit them once a fortnight. They are nice and friendly. I have a great time with them, especially Rongpei. I also get to meet their family members during the visits so they get to know me well. And we speak the same language. Peimao is also one of my favourite residents as he is kind, friendly and welcoming me to visit and talk to them. They treat me like their own family. 

What do you enjoy about being a volunteer and your experiences with the three residents?

I learn about providing companionship, learning from their wisdom, and making a positive impact on their lives. Additionally, it often creates a sense of community and contributes to the wellbeing of both volunteers and the residents.

What advice would you give to other people who may be considering becoming an ACVVS volunteer?

It is a fun place to be as you get to learn many things from them - listening to their adventurous stories. Understanding loneliness and help them fight against loneliness and promote a better and healthier lifestyle. 

What top three attributes does and ACVVS volunteer need?

Be Kind, be Loving and be passionate. 

If you want to be like Sora and volunteer your time with an extremely worthy program, come along to our next information session on Thursday, April 18 from 5.30pm-6pm, led by our Volunteer Coordinator, Kerri. The session is free to attend, and you can book your spot here.


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