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Boost your health & well-being this winter

The winter season is fast approaching and with the darker days and colder weather, it can all too easily make us want to hibernate at home and stop many of our normal activities. But this can lead to those dreaded winter blues and a feeling of isolation and disconnect to the outside world.

Creating a strategy to combat winter can really help to boost our physical and mental health. Here are some tips to keep you happy and healthier during the colder months!

Chase those winter blues away

Staying active and social is really important.

Of course, we will all have days when we decide to stay at home and curl up in front of the fire with a good book or our favourite TV show. Just make sure you don’t start to regularly avoid your normal routines and activities. Following routines and being sociable has a huge impact on our mood and overall mental health, which in turn helps to keep us physically healthy.

Like many of us did you have a New Year resolution that was promptly forgotten about, could this be a good time to revisit it? Or perhaps you could take the opportunity to try a new hobby or activity.

On the colder days why not form a book club or card game group with some of your fellow Balwyn Evergreen friends. In our September 2021 newsletter we wrote about Scrapbooking which can be a wonderful way to preserve memories and get creative from the comfort of your own home.

On those milder, blue sky days take some time to go outside and get back to nature. Go for a walk, garden or sit outside with your favourite drink, it is incredible the positive effect it can have.

Life is more fun with friends.

Find out more about the Social Activities available at Balwyn Evergreen Centre and join like-minded people

Sit down comfortably in our Private Bus and go explore Melbourne metropolitan area, stop for lunch is a selection of lovely cafes and restaurants, handpicked for you.

Join our weekly Community Luncheons and afternoon entertainment sessions. Laugh, clap, sing and we go back home feeling pretty satisfied and looking forward to the following week.

Seniors who need more structure and guidance are welcome to join our Active Living Program on Thursday and Friday.

If you have any questions about how we can assist you or your loved one, contact us on 9836 9681 or email us at


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