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Wiser Driver course at Balwyn Evergreen

Graphic with Balwyn Evergreen logo and words 'Wiser Driver. Free four-week driving refresher course at Balwyn Evergreen'. Picture of older female driver giving a thumbs up.
Become a Wiser Driver with a free refresher course hosted by Balwyn Evergreen

Wiser Driver is a FREE four-week refresher course for older drivers, which Balwyn Evergreen is hosting every Tuesday in August.

If you’re keen to build on your knowledge and experience of driving, join us for this informative and friendly course that aims to keep you driving safely.

Topics covered include:

Driving today

  • How driving has changed over the years

  • Our strengths as older drivers

  • Overcoming the risks

Safety tips for wiser driving

  • Keeping your car in good condition

  • Night driving

  • Planning ahead

  • Medicines and driving

Safety rules

  • Changes to the Victorian road rules

  • What to do in a crash

  • Fun quizzes to check your knowledge of the road rules

Car safety features

  • How safe is your car?

  • New mandatory requirements

  • Tips for buying a safer car

  • Used car safety ratings

Being roadworthy

  • Assessing your own driving skills

  • How aging can affect your driving

  • Staying safe - helpful hints

Planning for the future

  • Retaining our licences

  • Occupational Therapy driver assessments

  • Using public transport to supplement driving

Resources include:

  • VicRoads: Road to Solo Driving Handbook

  • Victorian Older Drivers Handbook

  • Online videos from RACV

  • Fun quizzes to update your knowledge of the road rules

  • Visit from Vic Police to answer questions

  • ANCAP rating: how safe is your car


Tuesday, August 6 from 10am-12pm

Tuesday, August 13 from 10am-12pm

Tuesday, August 20 from 10am-12pm

Tuesday, August 27 from 10am-12pm

RSVP: to Balwyn Evergreen or via this link

Please note, booking for this course is for the four dates stated above. There is only the option to select the first date via Eventbrite, ie. the start of the course, but it will secure your seat for all four dates.

Balwyn Evergreen will be in contact with you directly before the course begins.

If you have any questions, please contact Balwyn Evergreen Centre 9836 9681 or


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