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Community Mural - 'Amalgamation', by Ana Armillas

7050mm x 2650mm - Acrylic Paint

With thanks to The City of Boroondara Annual Community Strengthening Grants

Amalgamation brings to life the themes of social connection and unity in diversity with colour and botanical motifs.

Through expert brushstrokes and a considered palette, local artist Ana Armillas has created a dynamic representation of the story of Balwyn Evergreen Centre.

We are a nurturing community centre that provides a range of activities, services and programs for seniors in and around Boroondara. It is a space to feel welcome and connected and improve physical, social and emotional wellbeing so they can continue to thrive within their community.

Amalgamation encompasses our past, present and future by celebrating all the groups and people that are woven into the fabric of Balwyn Evergreen Centre in its 60-plus years of history. It revels in the present and looks forward to a bright future.

Armillas chose botanicals for this space as they're both beautiful and symbolic. Using vibrant colours and soft lines, the piece evokes a sense of calm - it's something to ponder and feel a warm connection with. Amalgamation fits naturally among the garden surrounds of Balwyn Evergreen.

The mural is based on the themes of community, culture, history and belonging, which sit neatly under the umbrella term ‘unity in diversity’. Playing with the concepts of connection and a crossroads of community, Armillas created a design that enhances our ability to connect people from different backgrounds and bring them together.

Through nature, we draw inspiration, and we connect with our surroundings and ourselves. This collection of botanicals reflects the native and international landscape of our community, which has laid down solid roots and exists in harmony.

Like the individual plants in an established garden, we support each other and grow together.

We thrive all year round. We are amalgamated. We are Evergreen.

Telling our story with botanicals - the meaning behind the motifs

Protealarge, multi-coloured flower (centre)

This striking plant needs fire to sprout and is symbolic of strength and resilience. Originating from South Africa, it thrives in Australia.

Kangaroo Pawsdark red and crimson flowers and stems (right)

A symbol of uniqueness and individuality due to its novel appearance. This quirky native bloom is used in bouquets to celebrate love and friendship.

Ginko Biloba yellow leaf behind the green leaves (left)

Famed for its medicinal qualities and distinctive fan-shaped leaves, this Chinese native can live up to 1000 years and is a symbol of longevity.

Manna Gum Blossomwhite and yellow ribbons reaching out from behind the protea

A native of Boroondara and sacred to the Wurundjeri people, the traditional owners of the land. ‘Wurun’ means Manna Gum in the Woiwurrung language.

Red River Gumdark blue leaves (right)

Silver Princess Gumgreen leaves and red blossoms (left)

An icon of the Australian landscape and a symbol of regeneration, strength and protection, the mighty Eucalyptus is a proud ambassador of our diverse community and unifies us across the globe.

Amalgamation is open to the public during BEC business hours, 8.30am-4.30pm weekdays.


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