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Zumba Gold (Trainer Tips with Lisa Paiman)

Have you ever thought about trying Zumba Gold? Lisa Paiman talks to us about her love of this style of class and how you can really benefit from it.

Lisa is a passionate Zumba Gold instructor and has been teaching at Balwyn Evergreen Centre since July 2021.

She has a background in dance, having studied Ballet, Tap Dancing and now Rock and Roll. Zumba Gold is a modified version of Zumba, specialising in movement for active older adults. “It’s a magical mix of international music, dance, fitness and most of all fun."

This program has been cleverly developed to include movement, balance and toning in a low-impact format,” Lisa says. Health benefits include improved cardiovascular health, maintained muscular tone, and improved coordination and balance. “I also include an array of other rhythms: Bollywood, Cha-cha-cha, Pop, Socca, Rock and Roll and Swing."

I believe the variety of choreography and dance moves help to maintain and even improve brain function by stimulating neural pathways. "The music and dance aspects create a party-like atmosphere. The fun factor has enormous social and psychological benefits. In my experience, friendships are often formed. I truly love teaching Zumba Gold."

You can join Lisa's party on Mondays at 9.15am. Contact us on 9836 9681 or email to learn more.

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